Creating a Fairy Garden

Creating Miniature Fairy Gardens for Children

Make sure the world in which your enchanted friends inhabit is suited to their aura and lifestyle. If your resident fairies are to be happy and healthy in your home and garden, it’s important to make sure that their world is right for them.

Creating fairy gardens for kids – fairy gardens ideas

First of all, how big do you want your magical garden to be? Are you looking to build miniature fairy gardens that are private and secluded, or would you rather they have the freedom to explore your whole garden?

If you think they’d like some privacy, perhaps give them a closed off section that allows them to spend some time away from their human friends. When you’re considering miniature fairy gardens ideas, this is something that you might want to take into account.

Why not separate sections with steeping stones, river rocks or a small fencing? Another great thing to consider when building miniature fairy gardens for kids.

Otherwise, why not plants some flowers of different heights? This is a great way to create a lovely space for your friends to reside. Plant some flowers at ground level, and steadily plant them in taller spots to create a lovely layered look for your enchanted space.


Here’s another way to improve miniature fairy gardens for children: why not plant some trellises and brightly coloured flowers? Fairies are drawn to cheerful looking flowers, so why not head down to your local garden centre to purchase some pansies, sunflowers or foxgloves?

If you install a trellis or two, the flowers will begin to climb up to create what appears to be a wall of colour. They also love plants that smell good – we’re just full of miniature fairy gardens ideas!

What about moss? These plants are soft to the touch, and will cover up any patches of dirt left in between flowers – they are also ideal for resting or tired fairies. When it comes to creating miniature fairy gardens for kids, there really is no limit to what you can achieve.

  • Fairies love animals!

Why not put some food down in your miniature fairy gardens – it’s always nice to feed the woodland creatures that come to visit your enchanted friends. Both animals and fairies love berries, so perhaps you could plant a bush of berries to ensure that all inhabitants of your enchanted space are well fed? Plus, you and your family can enjoy these berries too!

  • Fairies love birds!

Why not install a bird bath or a nesting box for birds that come to visit? Not only is this a great way for you to add another water source to the space, but it will attract birds and animals to your garden – plus, it will look and sound good.

Birds get hungry too – welcome them into your miniature fairy gardens with a hanging feeders. One thing to be aware of, is that different types of birds require different types of food and feeders. There are all sorts of options you can take when crafting fairy gardens for children.

Fairy Gardens for Children – Magical Houses and Furniture

After a hard day of work, fairies love nothing more than to just sit back and relax in their home or garden. Have you considered where are your enchanted friends going to live? We’ve provided some great tips and ideas for how to build a house that your fairies will love.

  • Find four sticks that look to be sturdy – stick them into the soil, and make sure that they are positioned so that they will not fall over.
  • Wrap bark to the side of the sticks to create walls for your fairy house.
  • Use some more bark, or perhaps some leaves to create the roof.

Once you’ve covered the natural aspects, have you considered how you’re going to furnish your beautiful enchanted world? We’ve got a whole host of fairy gardens ideas, and a number of suggestions for ways to decorate fairy gardens for kids. Here are just a couple:

  • Create, buy or build some lovely fairy furnishings – what about beds, bowls, cups, swings, benches or wheelbarrows? Anything to keep your friends happy – after all, they love to be comfortable.
  • Leave some candy in a small bowl as treat for your fairies – be careful to remove the wrapping though, just in case an animal eats it by mistake.
  • Make a sign out of sticks and wood or wire – this will let visitors know that your fairy friends are living here, and will encourage visitors to come visit your enchanted miniature fairy gardens.

The team at The Fairy Realm knows exactly what it takes to create beautiful fairy gardens for kids. Give us a call today, and discuss our ideas for miniature fairy gardens for children, as well as the accessories and furnishings that we can provide to complete your magical space.