The Australian Earth Fairies

The Australian Bushland Fairy

These fairies originate from the Australian bush making them very resourceful. They are the perfect foragers effortlessly gathering all they need from the bush land they occupy. Bushland fairies are the strongest of the Earth Fairies and only need the most basic of shelters to survive.

The items in the Bushland Fairy Kit are plenty to make this fairy feel welcome. Use the stones for a path, place welcome sign and mat out the front and these fairies will think they have found a castle!

The Australian Coastal Fairy

This is a world of sun, sand and fun. Coastal Fairies are the most leisurely of the regional fairies with relaxation high on their agendas. They love to be spoilt and will enjoy something a little extra from you. These fairies will visit your house more frequently than any other Earth Fairy, loving to laze in the sun and enjoy all you have made for them.

The contents of a Coast Fairy Kit will be most valuable to entice this playful fairy, but the vial of salt will need to be refilled, and please do not lose the spoon, these fairies like the little luxuries in life.

The Australian Dreamtime Fairy

The Australian desert is at the heart of this fairy's being. Their souls are filled with spells, myths and legends influenced by the dreamtime. The Dreamtime Fairies are the gate keepers of all fairy magic and power making these fairies the most diligent and serious of all the Earth Fairies.

They spend their days out of the hot sun, reading and writing and their nights gazing at the planets and stars. The Dreamtime Fairy is a quiet, gentle creature that needs to understand the world. The Dreamtime Fairy Kit contains special offerings to assist this fairies pursuit of knowledge.

The Australian Garden Fairy

These fairies are all about friendships and community. They love to entertain, cook and garden making these fairies the most grounded of all the Earth Fairies. Their home is most important to them and they will spend many hours fussing and cleaning until things are just so.

They are expert herbalist and provide all regional fairies with remedies and potions for health and wellbeing (as well as fairy cakes and sweet herbal teas). The Garden Fairy kit is full of special touches to make your fairy house a home for this meticulous little fairy.

The Australian Mermaid Fairy

Tread carefully in this world; it is full of enchantment and mystery. The Ocean Fairies are very close relatives to mermaids, who have a strong and dark past. Even though Ocean Fairies are more playful and friendly by nature, one cannot ignore their strong link to the ocean goddess that is the mermaid.

These fairies swim great distances, so will appreciate the comforts your pouch items will allow them. They are shyest of the Earth Fairies and will need more encouragement than the Coastal Fairy to come on land. Make your house a small safe haven.

My name is Karyn and faeries are my indulgence. I love to create original fairy items using mother natures garden for the enjoyment of the little ones. I adore watching the joy on their faces as they pick up my tiny creations.

You can almost hear their imaginations at work.

This online store has been created for the convenience of my regular customers that visit me at markets and for any new customers that may stumble upon this fairy haven.

Thanks for taking the time to view my offerings x