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Scarlett's Fairy Garden

It was a sunny and fresh winters morning. Sunday the day of relaxation and rest.

Hubby was determined to be productive and decided to build something (anything), and I quote "Today I am going to build something God damn it" (maybe being confined to a full leg brace was finally getting the better of him).

Meanwhile Scarlett (aged 7) was also determined that morning, determined to build something of her own - I could feel trouble was a brewing.

Needless to say Scarlett won and most of the day was spent creating the beginnings of a beautiful fairy garden.

Not really what dad had in mind I am sure.

Notice the hand carved door out of the tree (something I have been asking him to do for months BTW!) but then again, I am not as cute – or persuasive – as Sacrly x

  • Karyn Miller